Will Kerberos become a Daddy?

Kerbe our gentle giant has encountered his little girlfriend Pixie of kennel Harawyn Polderwolf. Crossing our fingers for puppies ...

Goodbye my dum-dum

Unfortunately, we had to let Sirios Lykos Helios a.k.a. Hikaru go on 5th November 2020.
This choice was made because of Hikaru’s illness...


where dogs are a true passion

Not far from the Dutch-Belgian border, next to a large nature preserve is where we and our 3 Saarlooswolfdogs call home. In our own tiny forest we enjoy this wonderful breed.

We at  Lykos Canine Coaching Services  celebrate individuality and uniqueness. Anything is possible as long as you take the needs and the comfort of your dog into account. Exploring and surpassing the limits of oneself is a big part of that.

We do not believe in 'that cannot be done with a Saarloos' which is why we train our dogs for sports, film and photography. No wonder our website is overflowing with images and video's. Having fun comes first. 

Every once in a while we choose to have a litter in line with the strict selection rules of the breed clubs, Belgian Kennel Club and the FCI. Our puppies all grow up in a loving home environment and are raised with great care by the entire pack.

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We are proud members of the following breed clubs:


Nederlandse Vereniging
van Saarlooswolfhonden


Saarlooswolfhond Vereniging


Deutscher Verein
für Saarlooswolfhunde


Association Saarloosiens
de France